J. Robert Oppenheimer Timeline

J. Robert Oppenheimer Timeline

April 22, 1904  Born New York City
1921 Graduates from Ethical Culture School, New York
1922 First visit to the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico (Los Alamos)
1922 Enrolls in Harvard
1925 Graduates from Harvard with top honors
1925 Sails for England to work in the
 Cavendish laboratory at Cambridge
1926-27 Studies at Cambridge and University of Gottingen
1927  Ph.D. in physics from University of Gottingen
1929-1947 Professor at University of California at Berkeley and Cal. Tech
1930 Cockroft and Walton split the atom
1932 James Chadwick discovers the neutron
December 22, 1938 Hahn and Strassmann publish paper
describing atomic fission
1939 Leo Szilard confirms that neutrons are produced and explosive chain reaction likely
1940 Marries Katherine Puening Harrison
1943-45 Director of the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos
1945 First atomic bomb explodes near
Alamogordo, New Mexico, at Trinity Test Site
1946 Receives Presidential Medal of Merit
for work on Atomic Bomb
1947 Becomes director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University
1947-1952 Chairman, General Advisory Committee,
Atomic Energy Commission
1954 Suspended from General Advisory Committee, AEC
1963 Receives Enrico Fermi Award,
the AEC’s highest honor (rehabilitation)
February 18, 1967 Dies, Princeton, New Jersey