Timeline of Theodore Roosevelt

1858 October 27 born in New York City

1880 June graduates from Harvard

1880 October 27 marries Alice Lee

1882 The Naval War of 1812

1883 September 8 arrives in Little Missouri valley, Dakota Territory, for the first time

1884 February 12 daughter Alice born in New York City

1884 February 14 TR’s wife Alice and mother Martha die simultaneously

1884 June establishes a second ranch in the Dakota badlands

1884 August fistfight with the bully of Mingusville

1885 Hunting Trips of a Ranchman

1886 March pursues boat thieves down the Little Missouri River

1886 July 4 gives first great America speech in Dickinson, Dakota Territory

1886 October defeated for mayor of New York

1886 December 2 marries Edith Carow in London

1887 September 13 Theodore Roosevelt, jr., (Ted) born

1887 Thomas Hart Benton

1886-87 the great blizzard destroys the cattle industry on the northern plains

1888 Ranch Life and The Hunting Trail

1889 October 10 Kermit born

1889-95 U.S. civil service commissioner

1889-96 The Winning of the West

1891 August 13 Ethel born

1893 The Wilderness Hunter

1894 Archibald (Archie) born

1895-1897 police commissioner, New York City

1897-1898 Assistant Secretary of the Navy

1897 November 19 Quentin born

1898 April Congress declares war against Spain

1898 June TR appointed colonel of “roughrider” regiment

1898 July 1 the battle of San Juan Hill

1898 September 16 Roughriders mustered out

1898 November 8 elected Governor of New York state

1900 elected vice president of the United States

1901 September 14 sworn in as 26th president of the United States in Buffalo

1902 June 17 Newlands Act (reclamation)

1903 November Roosevelt supports “revolution” in Panamaâ – the beginnings of the Panama Canal

1904 November TR elected to the presidency in a landslide

1905 January 24 first federal game preserve

1905 February 1 U.S. Forest Service created

1906 February 17 daughter Alice married at White House

1906 June 8 National Monuments Act

1906 December TR wins the Nobel Peace Prize

1907-09 America’s Great White Fleet sails around the world

1908 May 13-15 White House conference of governors about conservation

1909-10 Safari in Africa

1912 the Bull Moose campaign

1913-14 South America excursion: the River of Doubt

1914 World War I begins

1917 Woodrow Wilson declines TR’s offer to lead a group of “roughriders” into the European theater

1918 July TR’s son Quentin dies when he is shot down behind German lines

1919 January 6 Roosevelt dies of an embolism